The Raising Happiness Homestudy will help you master practical skills that will dramatically improve your parenting and create a happier household for both you and your child.

By bringing the science of happiness and positive psychology into your home, this online program will provide tangible benefits for you, your family, and even your marriage!
Happy Children Turn Into Successful Adults
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Hi! I'm Dr. Christine Carter
Christine Carter, PhD, is a  sociologist and senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center. The author of best-selling books The Sweet Spot and Raising Happiness, Carter draws on what psychology, sociology, and neuroscience teach us about confidence, gratefulness, and optimism in children. Using her own chaotic and often hilarious real-world adventures as a mom to demonstrate do's and dont's in action, Carter will teach you how to raise more joyful kids and be happier yourself. 

A sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach, she also writes an award-winning blog, which is frequently syndicated on Huffington Post, Greater Good, US News & World Report,,, and several other websites.
Parent Coach | Sociologist | Happiness Expert | Mom
Dr. Christine Carter has been featured in:
THEME 1: How and Why to Put Your Own Happiness First
• Why Happiness is an Advantage
• Your Happiness is the Most Important Thing
• Why Parents Aren’t Happy
• How to Break a Habit and Start a New One: The Science of Change
THEME 2: The Science of Success
• The Two Most Powerful Things You Can Say to Kids
• Your Guide to Elite Performance (i.e., How to Raise an Olympic Athlete)
• Perfectionism is a Disease; Achievement is a Myth
• How to Foster “Grit” in Your Children
THEME 3: 5 Huge Impact Happiness Habits to Start Now
• Sleep and Exercise Make Us Happy and Smart
• The Power of Family Dinners: Even if You are Super Busy, Here’s How to Do it
• How to Raise Grateful Children
• The Neuroscience of Happy Memories: What You Need to Know
• Theme Three Discussion Guide
THEME 4: Be a Great Coach, Not a Dictator
• Emotion Coaching: The Most Important Parenting Skill in the History of the Universe
• Just Say No: Bribes, Threats, & Rewards
• Getting Kids to Do Boring But Necessary Tasks
• Coaching Kids Through Change

THEME 5: The Science of Great Relationships
• What Types of Problems Do You Have?
• How to Pick a Fight Without Damaging Your Relationship
• Four Things You Can Do to Keep the Flames Alive
• What Science Shows that Happy Couples Do
THEME 6: How Mindfulness Can Make You Happier and Your Kids Less Stressed
• Why Mindfulness Will Make You a Better Parent
• Parenting Mindfully and Teaching Kids Mindfulness
• Why Play is Important
• Creativity, Savoring and Flow

THEME 7: Manufacturing Happiness
• Can We “Fake It Till We Make It”?
• How to Raise Lucky Kids
• How to Teach Kids Optimism
• How to Raise Kids That Are Kind and Compassionate

THEME 8: Clearing out Habits, Beliefs, and Behaviors that Make us Unhappy
• BUY, BUY, BUY!  Shopping is not a Happiness Strategy
• The Race to Nowhere: Why Pressuring Kids Won’t Make them Successful
• Fighting Like Cats and Dogs: Taming Sibling Rivalry
• Holding Grudges Makes Us Miserable: What to Teach Kids so that They Can Forgive

Baby, or Marriage Wrecking Ball?  Keeping Your Marriage Happy with an Infant
• Raising Happiness with a Teenager in the House
• Grandparents Raise Happiness, too!


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Here's What's Waiting for You Inside the Raising Happiness Homestudy:
"Words cannot convey how grateful I am to have discovered Dr. Carter. Her book and online classes have changed my life in so many meaningful and positive ways. Each class captivates me with interesting science based, practical tips. I have applied many at home and my family and I are so much happier and healthier because of it."
Mother of two
Santa Monica, CA

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Is This Program Right for Me?
"I don't have enough time to take the Raising Happiness Homestudy."
You can complete this online program successfully by investing an hour a week. Set aside 20 minutes a week for study, when you watch one training video. Then spend about a half hour a week practicing
— try out one action that takes less than 5 minutes, six days a week. If that is still too much time for you, download the videos and listen to them while you commute, exercise, or do the dishes.

"I'm too stressed out and overwhelmed to take on something new like this."
This class is designed to reduce feelings of stress and overwhelm common to a lot of parents — right away. But some parents need to take care of their own stress, first, before they start honing their parenting skills. If that is you, I recommend another online class: The Science of Finding Flow.

"I'm already happy, and my kids are, too."
Raising Happiness is about being happier no matter where you start. It’s about building a foundation of skills and beliefs that will serve us, and our children, throughout our lives.
Here's how the Raising Happiness Homestudy breaks down:
Become an Extraordinary Parent and Find Joy in the Process
Are You Ready to Raise Happiness in Your Home?
The Raising Happiness Homestudy is the gift that keeps giving — for you, your family, and for many years to come. 
Enroll now to get instant access to all Raising Happiness Homestudy material PLUS 3 Bonus Classes!
"Wow. I have never really participated in an online community like this, and I have to say it is incredibly inspirational. I feel honored to be in the company of such honest, thoughtful, self-aware people."
Mother of two
Madison, WI
“Since giving birth to our first daughter, my wife has brought home a trove of books, videos and pamphlets purporting to help me be a better parent. None were worthy of my time nor space on my bookshelf until Christine Carter. She is smart, witty and real. And she knows her stuff. Her tips and practices not only help me be a better parent but a happier person too. And a happier Daddy makes for a happier family. Trust me.”


Father of two
Santa Monica, CA
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THEME 1: How and Why to Put Your Own Happiness First >>THEME 2: The Science of Happiness >>THEME 3: 5 Huge Impact Happiness Habits to Start Now >>THEME 4: Be a Great Coach, Not a Dictator >>THEME 5: The Science of Great Relationships >>THEME 6: How Mindfulness Can Make You Happier and Your Kids Less Stressed >>THEME 7: Manufacturing Happiness >>THEME 8: Clearing Out Habits, Beliefs, and Behaviors that Make Us Unhappy >>+ 3 BONUS Videos for parents of infants, parents of teens, and grandparents >>
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Training Videos
Enjoy 32+ easily digestible training videos that break down each lesson. Go back and re-watch any video, anytime. 
Exclusive Content
Based solely on science-based research, the training videos and written content inside this program aren't available anywhere else.
This 100% self-paced online course will turn your parenting skills into a force for good that fuel a happier, more productive household. With great wit, wisdom, and compassion, Dr. Christine Carter covers the day to day pressure points of parenting  how best to discipline, get to school activities on time, and get dinner on the table — as well as the more elusive issues of helping kids build healthy friendships and develop emotional intelligence. 

Want to Become Better
Parents & Partners

Learn how to instill positive behaviors in kids such as self-motivation, emotional intelligence, and grit. Increase family connections, gratitude, and overall well-being.

Want More Joy at Home

Learn how to replace bad habits (yelling, nagging, bickering) with simple strategies for greater peace, gratitude, and mindfulness.
Are Just Plain Busy & Need a
Solution with Proven Results

Join thousands of parents who have experienced a dramatically positive shift in their household because of the easy techniques taught in the Raising Happiness Homestudy. 
Need Help Navigating Change

Learn how to teach your children the critical skills they need for resilience in the face of challenge, difficulty, and family change. Even when life is hard, kids can still be successful and happy at school and at home.
 Ditch Ineffective Parenting Methods
& Bring Happiness into Your Home Today 
Based on the best-selling book, Raising Happiness
The Raising Happiness Homestudy is for parents who want to make small shifts in their parenting that will have a dramatic impact on their entire family. This robust program includes 32 video classes that will teach you how to find happiness and raise smart, successful, and joyful children.
"It's a large financial investment for me. What if I sign up and it doesn't work?"
There’s no financial risk: Explore the Homestudy course for a full month, and if you’ve done the weekly practices and do not feel you are getting anything valuable out of them, we’ll happily refund your money. Why? Because we’re confident that if you practice what you learn in the Raising Happiness Homestudy, you and your family will be dramatically happier.

"My child's other parent is not interested and won't participate in the Homestudy."
The Raising Happiness Homestudy is your personal journey. In it, you will learn the skills you need to be happy. You’ll also take your parenting skills up a notch or two, making childhood happier for your kids. Even though it can be frustrating when other people won't change they way we want them to, we always do better when we focus on ourselves.
Inspired by Dr. Christine Carter's Best-Selling Book, Raising Happiness
If you’ve already read Raising Happiness, this eCourse will help you implement what you learned in the book using simple, fun practices. And if you haven't read Raising Happiness, you won't need to you'll get everything you need from this interactive Homestudy.


Begin a journey that will provide tangible benefits for you and your family for the rest of your life.
What Type of Parents Raise Happy Children?
Christine knows her stuff — from the latest research and from real life with her children. Her teaching style is funny, warm, and empathetic. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable class — with the promise of real results at home. I highly recommend Raising Happiness!
Mother of two
Piedmont , CA
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