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(while working less)
Introducing the latest 100% self-paced online course from Dr. Christine Carter. The Science of Finding Flow will show you how to relieve stress and anxiety, enjoy your weekends and vacations more, stop checking your phone and email compulsively, get motivated to work, and manage your time more effectively. You'll be happier and more successful both at home and work.
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"If it isn't hard it isn't work, right? Carter turns this assumption on its head by showing us how to be stronger and make life easier both through her own experience and new research."
Lucy Danziger
Former Editor of Self Magazine & New YorkTimes bestselling co-author of The Nine Rooms of Happiness
Let me show you how to be happier, more successful, and accomplish your goals
Unit 1 The Ideal Worker
Begin your journey by addressing the mythical notion of the “ideal worker” and why your beliefs about what you think will...
Unit 2 Choose
Are you doing the right things—or have you just been focused on doing everything right? Unit 2 is where you’ll examine how...



Unit 3 Detox
Stop letting things like email, text messages, social media updates, and other notifications get in the way of you...


Unit 4 Focus
After restructuring how you use technology with a digital detox, it’s time to re-learn how to really focus on...
Unit 5 Slack-Off
When was the last time you unplugged completely and just did...nothing? In this unit, I'm going to teach you...
Unit 6 Feel
Ready to live a completely joyful life and perform at your best? Great! You'll learn the importance of letting...
Unit 7 Flourish
In this unit, you'll have to roadmap you'll need to finally have control over the emotions that you feel so that you...
Unit 8 Connect
Building stronger connections with people we already know (and building new and positive relationships with...
Unit 9 The Real Ideal Worker
By unit 9, you’ll have gathered all the tools you need to better fulfill your own individual potential....
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Hi! I'm Dr. Christine Carter and my latest eCourse, The Science of Finding Flow, will show you how to drastically improve your business and home life by gaining access to your most creative, productive, and joyful self.
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accomplish more while working less
Hi! I'm Dr. Christine Carter and I want to show you how to
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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Once I enroll, how long do I have access?
A: Once you enroll in The Science of Finding Flow, you'll have unlimited access for one year. This eCourse is 100% self-paced and mobile friendly so you can take it when you want, where you want, and at the pace that is most comfortable for you. Once you finish going through the material, you can re-take the eCourse as many times as you'd like. 

Q: What are the main benefits of taking this eCourse?
A: Everyone will have their own experience going through the material themselves, but some of the most common benefits students have reported include:
  • Finding greater purpose and fulfillment in life​
  • Doubled & tripled productivity rates​
  • Having more “A-Ha” moments ​
  • Dramatically increased quality work​ (both at home and at work)​
  • Having more time for the things that matter most in life​

Q: What's included with The Science of Finding Flow?
A: Nine units of 100% self-paced and mobile friendly material, your own The Science of Finding Flow Journal, access to private Group Discussions, TONS of downloadable and printable resources (only available inside this eCourse), Audio downloads to listen to each unit on the go, course videos in every unit, Monthly Self Coaching Worksheets and a Digital Detox.

Q: Who is the ideal person to take this eCourse?
A: Whether you are a busy CEO, young entrepreneur, or even a stay-at-home parent, we are firm believers that anyone and everyone could take this course and benefit from it in one way or another. Here's a list of common problems and issues our students experience before taking this eCourse:
  • A general to strong lack of focus or ability to concentrate
  • Stress and anxiety​
  • Dissatisfaction with work-life balance​
  • Feeling stuck and indecisive​
  • Overwhelmed by long to do lists and unending email
  • Challenges managing time, attention and energy
  • Wanting more time to do what is most important​
  • Unable to streamline daily tasks
  • A desire to get things done​​​


9 Units of Material 
100% self-paced and mobile friendly.
Downloadable Resources
100% printable and exclusive only to this eCourse.

Course Videos
Instructional course videos wait for you in every unit.

Group Discussion
The place to chat with Dr. Christine Carter, ask questions and support one another.

Digital Detox
To help you feel more relaxed, refreshed, and ready to drop into a flow state. BONUS: Christine's personally tested tips & resources to help you stick with your detox.


Unlimited access for 1 year
Go back and take the course as many times as you'd like!


Audio Downloads
Download the full unit audio to listen to in your car or on the go.

Monthly Self Coaching Worksheets
Our bonus checklists to help you make sustainable change.

The Science of Finding Flow Journal
A private place for you to track your thoughts and progress throughout the course.


Every single day....Millions of people overwork, multitask, and focus so much that they fail to enjoy the lives they've worked so hard to create. In reality, such behaviors limit productivity, creativity, intelligence, and satisfaction with life.

In 9 self-paced units, Dr. Christine Carter will teach you how to optimize your brain (to detox, focus, feel, and flourish) so that you can allow your most joyful, productive, energetic, and successful self to emerge. You'll master how to be happy, and accomplish your goals while still having energy left over for the things you want to do.
"When you are living in your sweet spot you feel both calm and energetic, accomplished and joyful, strong and at ease. Dr. Christine Carter illuminates the simple and sustainable path toward this precious and happy balance."
Deepak Chopra
New York Times bestselling author & Founder of The Chopra Foundation
For $199, you will get instant access to the following material  (exclusively available only through this course):
When you work through the concepts and material found inside The Science of Finding Flow, you'll address common misconceptions that are keeping you trapped on a busyness hamster-wheel that could be making you anxious, tired and unproductive.


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Hi! I'm Dr. Christine Carter
A sociologist and senior fellow at UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Christine Carter, Ph.D., is the author of best-selling books The Sweet Spot: How to Find Your Groove at Work and Home (2015) and Raising Happiness (2011). Drawing on the latest scientific research on positivity, productivity, and elite performance, Christine demonstrates a sweet paradox: by doing less we can actually accomplish more. A sought-after keynote speaker and executive coach, she also writes an award-winning blog, which is frequently syndicated on Huffington Post, PsychologyToday.com, Medium.com, and several other websites.
Course Creator | Sociologist | Author | Keynote Speaker | Mom
“In a matter of weeks I have become more productive at work, a better mother and wife. Now I have a go-to set of exercises that I use for living, working, and loving my life. It's like I have a set of superpowers that I can summon when needed to get me through daily challenges and opportunities: Get focused. Identify feelings. Be authentic. There is no longer anything holding me back. I am empowered to be the real and best me.”
Maureen K.
Chief Marketing Officer, Wife, Mother of two
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